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Oh, hello there. Fancy seeing you here.

Allow me to introduce myself.

I'm Justin Barisich. I write things.

Silly, little things — like bits of lyrics to love songs that I "sing" to my wife. (And sometimes our dog).


Big, important things — like video scripts for CEOs to record and send out to tens of thousands of employees.

Direct, strategic things — like concepts and ads for year-long campaigns that actually solve clients' business problems. 

Beautiful, poetic things — like short stories and speeches and spoken word pieces, sometimes even performing them on stages across the country.


And I've written these things, for over a dozen

years now, all to help others create

Good Stories, Well Told.

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"If all Justin brought to work each day was his amiability, we'd love to have him padding around inside our walls. But the fact he shows up with relentless effort, presentational grace, a never-say-quit work ethic, a commitment to getting things done RIGHT, & a craftsman's application of smart & efficient copy? Well, that's just luxury beyond belief. Thanks to one of the agency's most genuine good guys & ace writer who I'm so glad is your teammate. I love listening to him walk clients through his impressive work."

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"Justin is an exceptionally talented individual whose mastery of words & creativity is matched only by the sheer joy of his company. 


Detail oriented with a meticulous eye, he’s more than willing to take the lead, ask questions & uncover the truth behind the insights.

His ability to interact with & inspire clients—and convert complex strategies into relevant, actionable outcomes—made immediate, lasting impacts on the success & culture of our creative team.”

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"Justin is an amazingly creative writer. He is very thoughtful and understands the importance of balancing the right tone, messaging, and critical information."

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"Justin consistently delivered polished and engaging work for us, all while being flexible and responsive when it came to shifting deadlines, making edits and revisions, and last minute tweaks. He was always a reliable and skilled writer who could take on any assignment for us.”

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"Justin is one of the most capable writers and team members I have ever worked with. He has a can-do attitude and can learn almost anything faster than anyone else. I loved working with him. He is part of what made our company so successful so quickly. I highly recommend him."

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"If you liken content to marksmanship, then Justin's writing is sniper level. He's one of those unique talents that you benchmark other writers by—& rarely do others compare. 

While it is easy to boast on his skills as a writer & marketer, where he shines most is rather intangible—reliability. Justin can be relied upon to deliver unique, & often profound, content writing and strategy. 


Undeniably, there's power in words. But the inextricable link in understanding that power & wielding it well is what makes his work beyond compare. I consider working with Justin a notable highlight of my career."

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"Justin is one of my strongest writers, and not just for the obvious reasons: professionalism, timeliness, quality work. It’s because he considers each book or author with fresh eyes, and he shares his findings in ways that are at once accessible and provocative.”

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“As our company copywriter & copyeditor, Justin delivers dependable, excellent results. He is a reliable teammate for any team project, and he brings creative ideas which often elevate the project to a higher level.”

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"Justin produces smart, concise, witty content and delivers everything in a highly organized fashion and on time. I couldn't ask for anything more in a freelance writer. I highly recommend his services."

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Justin Barisich

(A.K.A. Little Writing Man)

Atlanta, GA


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Thanks for reading and reaching out!

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