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Why "Little Writing Man"?

Right, so, that's a fair question.

Let me explain.

Unless you've heard me (or someone in my family) say it,

pretty much nobody can say or spell my last name correctly.

And oft-misspelled words are definitely no good for website names.


The funny part of this is, when immigrating to the U.S. from Croatia, my grandpa even anglicized our family name (Kačić-Barišić) to make it easier for English speakers to say and spell. And well, we've been receiving comical misspellings and mispronunciations of

"bear-a-sitch" from telemarketers and random mailing lists ever since.

So, when it came time for me to create a website for my words, using the tried-and-true formula of "" wasn't really an option. But as Mumford & Sons' poetic, gorgeous, moving song

"Little Lion Man" played in my headphones, a play on the name fit so perfectly for a humble, one-man copywriting shop.


And thus, the company name Little Writing Man was born, and people the world over rejoiced in their ability to pronounce it properly.

Justin Barisich
siting the motherland
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