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Why "Little Writing Man"?

Right, so, that's a fair question.

Let me explain.

Unless you've heard me (or someone in my family) say it,

pretty much nobody can say or spell my last name correctly.

And oft-misspelled words are definitely no good for website names.


The funny part of this is, when immigrating to the U.S. from Croatia, my grandpa even anglicized our family name (Kačić-Barišić) to make it easier for English speakers to say and spell. And well, we've been receiving comical misspellings and mispronunciations of

"bear-a-sitch" from telemarketers and random mailing lists ever since.

So, when it came time for me to create a website for my words, using the tried-and-true formula of "firstname.lastname.com" wasn't really an option. But as Mumford & Sons' poetic, gorgeous, moving song

"Little Lion Man" played in my headphones, a play on the name fit so perfectly for a humble, one-man copywriting shop.


And thus, the company name Little Writing Man was born, and people the world over rejoiced in their ability to pronounce it properly.

Justin Barisich