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Social Media:

#ThankCable Campaign

Client: Superior Essex Communications

Year: 2020

Creative Brief: Considering the recent, drastic changes in our lives across the world caused by the rapid spread of COVID-19, people – perhaps more than ever before– are turning to technology to stay entertained, informed, working, in communication, and connected while remaining physically distant for the sake of our shared health. This is an opportunity for us, as a cable manufacturer, to remind/educate people of the importance of cable in enabling all these technologies that make their “new normal” possible while also giving Sales team new, timely assets to use to continue talking about our products with customers.

Work: Independently ideated, pitched, created copy for & managed immensely successful #ThankCable social media GIFs campaign; wrote copy for 32 social media posts and overlay quick copy for 32 GIFs; gave direction for associated imagery/videos for the GIFs.

Results: +2000% Twitter engagements, +450% Facebook interactions, +320% LinkedIn shares

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