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Omni-Channel Marketing Campaign:


Client: Superior Essex Communications

Year: Late 2019 & 2020

Creative Brief: Sustainability is a key differentiator for this communications cable manufacturer, but their products are often "out of sight, out of mind" as they are almost always hidden behind walls. So, this campaign sought to shine a light on the importance of using healthy, sustainable products throughout a building, even when they aren't visible.

Work: Created copy for a social media campaign and landing page, overlay copy for a series of 18 GIFs, wrote instructional materials for in-person guerilla marketing at a tradeshow, and promotional copy for multiple prize giveaways and an after-hours networking event. 

Video: To kick off the campaign, I came up with this original idea that explains the human & environmental health benefits of sustainable cabling products, wrote script & storyboard, oversaw agency production & provided edits throughout the process, and served as on-set client producer for the day of live-action filming

Results: +1,075% LinkedIn impressions, +63% Twitter mentions, +62% Facebook page views, +125% tradeshow booth attendee interactions, gave away more than 500 t-shirts, collected 350+ user-generated images across 4 social media platforms.

Accolades: PR Daily's 2020 Content Marketing Awards – Use of Social Media (Finalist); IAEE's 2020 Art of the Show Awards - Social Media Campaign (Winner) 

You're surrounded by them every day, but do you really know what's behind your walls?

Let's dig in and find out with Sledgehammer Sam!

whatsbehindyourwalls_v02 (collage).jpg

Over 350 people posted photos of themselves on social media with their #WhatsBehindYourWalls t-shirts (and hashtag) that we handed out at the 2019 Greenbuild International Conference and Expo in Atlanta.

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