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Year-Long Brand Campaign:
Complete Building Care

Client: ABM Industries

Year: 2022

Creative Brief: With the goal of shedding its skin as "just a janitorial company," we were tasked with explaining, communicating, & showcasing how all of ABM's integrated facility services can provide a complete solution for facility owners and managers—all while humanizing the brand to help them build long-lasting, profitable relationships with current and future customers alike.

Work: Wrote copy that pushed the ABM brand beyond its usual distant, B2B, always-talking-about-itself comfort zone. Worked hand-in-hand with Senior Art Director partner to concept and bring to life the literal 1,000s of media assets—including a landing page 8 ebooks, 100s of CRM emails, countless display ads and more. We completed a year's worth of work in under 3 months.

Results: With a media spend of $442,000 for a year-long run, our work garnered 16.55M impressions; 61,537 landing page views; 2,511 form fills, and 123 ebook/content downloads

Accolades: After the client saw the first batch of this work, they immediately asked us to start applying this to more and more verticals and industry groups across their entire services and offerings capabilities. 

Welcome to Care City

ABM - CBC - Care City.png

Landing Page


(8 versions total, one for each industry group)

CRM Emails

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