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Internal Training Video Series:
Cultural Sensing & Exploration

Client: Nike

Year: 2022

Creative Brief: With the goal of internally training EKINs—a special class of Nike product evangelists & brand storytellers living in most major cities around the world—in spotting and acting upon cultural trends and insights, come up with a unifying concept & transform numerous, hour-long, instructor-led cultural sensing training sessions into 5 short-form, digital, evergreen, on-demand videos.

Work: Co-concepted this winning idea with the art director, wrote 5 scripts for these EKINs internal training videos (each averaging about 8 minutes in length), as well as every word of the accompanying 48-page workbook to help the audience engage with the material and better retain it. Assisted the art director with crafting the content for the storyboards and all on-screen supers copy, as well as worked alongside the video editors and animators to provide edits and insights throughout every step of the process.

Accolades: The client was ecstatic with the final cuts of each video in the series, and knocking this work out of the park helped the agency win future Nike creative work just a few short months later.

The EKIN Way

Nike Ekins - Screen Shot overview.png

Video Excerpt

Art Direction Overview

Training Guidebook Excerpt

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