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My Original Poetry & Performance

Client: Little Writing Man (myself)

Year: Various

Creative Brief: Write something memorable, make people truly listen, move a whole room with just your tongue.

Work: Wrote and performed (or recorded in a studio) my original poems, spoken word pieces, scripts, short plays, sketches, improv and more to live audiences totaling a cumulative 10,000 across the country.

Accolades: Got a standing ovation or two. Made friends laugh & strangers cry. Got invited back.

Audio Recordings

Enjoy 20-odd minutes of storytelling, poetry, spoken word, and indecency from my readings and performances around Atlanta's live literature scene and beyond, as assembled for the audio section of The Atlanta Fringe Fest. (If you want to listen to just one piece, then I highly recommend piece #4 "The Hardest Part" beginning at the 3:47 timestamp.)

Set List:
1) "When the Day Is Dead" - @ 0:18
2) "The Katrina Novena (Mourning, or in Anticipation of a Burial)" - @ 1:00
3) "To the College Kids Who Only Came for Course Credit" - @ 2:02
4) "The Hardest Part, or What Do You WANT in a Woman" - @ 3:47
5) "He Took Me to a Gay Bar (for Michael)" - @ 10:18
6) "All Our Hazy Rhetoric" - @ 12:40
7) A dramatic reading of Reba McEntire's "Fancy" - @ 16:05

The set features my live performances from Write Club Atlanta, Naked City Atlanta, the annual Drop the Mic Poetry Slam at the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, and a few living-room-studio recordings.

Video Recording – Live Literature

Atlanta 24-Hour Play Festival
One-Act Play: "The Reunion" (NSFW)

10-minute runtime, starts at 1:05:00

Published Poems in Digital Print

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