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Video Series:
Cold Chain Capabilities

Client: UPS Healthcare

Year: 2022

Creative Brief: Create a series of short videos explaining to shipping & logistics customers not only UPS Healthcare's suite of Cold Chain solutions, but that they have decades of proven experience in delivering on time, at the right temperature, & in the right condition.

Work: Interviewed SMEs, scripted all 12 versions (4 videos multiplied by 3 time-lengths for each—90 sec., 30 sec., 15 sec.), provided voiceover scratch track, selected the voiceover talent & directed every recording session, assisted 4 different art directors with crafting the storyboards (using only stock & unsorted client-provided footage) and to maintain a consistent feel across the series, worked alongside the video editor to provide edits throughout every step of the process, & patiently guided clients who’d never overseen video work before through the process (in spite of numerous change-orders from them).

Accolades: After being posted on a rolling basis throughout 2022, these videos have amassed over 4,500 views on YouTube (as of March 2023).

Cold Chain at Work

Solutions for Medical Devices

Solutions for Implantable Medical Devices

Lab Capabilities

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