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Brand Activation:
Collegiate eSports Tournament

Client: Church's Chicken

Year: 2021

Creative Brief: To support the agency's seasonal “Feed 6” initiative & to appeal to a college-aged audience (as well as a growing & active gamer audience), we invited 36 students/combatants from 6 different Texas colleges and universities to participate in Church’s first-ever collegiate esports tournament. All live-streamed on Twitch, all for participants to win infinite gamer glory—as well as swag, food voucher giveaways, a cut of $3,000 in scholarship prizes.

Work: Tapping into both the Church's brand voice and the spirit of the Super Smash Bros. video game, I wrote copy for numerous social media placements to promote awareness of the event before, during, & after; the player welcome emails (including tournament rules, instructions for social promotion, food delivery coupon codes), Church's Twitch bio, & the event host promo assets & talking points.

Results: Our 4.5-hour, single-day, live-stream event garnered 559 live views & 46 unique chatters, & our promotional posts racked up nearly 40,000 impressions across all channels.

CC_p9p11_Esports_Player Welcome_Email Asset copy.gif

Social Posts

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CC_Esports_Facebook Cover.jpg
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Subject Line:

Welcome to Church’s Ultimate Smash Tourney! 🙌  🎮


Emerge victorious 💪  and win your cut of $3,000 in prizes 💰

Open Rate:


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