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Video & Comic Series:
Call Center Life

Client: Jacada (now Uniphore Technologies)

Year: 2021 & 2022

Creative Brief: Create a series of short comedic videos & comic strips that tap into the real-life complaints of modern call center agents while shining a bright, empathizing light on how a poor agent experience is actively leading to record disengagement & turnover. Arc it all back to the fact that Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools help customer operations leaders better train & retain high-performing employees, reduce agent churn, & improve the customer experience (CX). As we say in the campaign tagline, "Serve your agents, save your customers."

Work: Researched call center agent pain points—from toxic interactions to unrealistic expectations—by digging through thousands of threads across Quora, Reddit, Facebook, & Twitter to understand what call center agents are REALLY saying about their job, scripted all 8 videos & 8 comic strips based off that research, provided voiceover scratch tracks, sourced & directed voiceover and on-camera talent, assisted art director with crafting the storyboards (using stock & scripted footage), & worked alongside video editor to provide content edits throughout every step of the process.

Accolades: After being posted on a rolling basis throughout 2021 & 2022 (across both the Jacada & Uniphore websites, Youtube pages, & social media accounts), these videos have amassed over 1,400 views on YouTube (as of June 2023). Plus, the CMO ended up loving this work so much that he had us build and theme an entire webinar around it for him to lead and present on for current and prospective customers.

Call Center Crimes:
"The Lingering Ghost of Micromanagement"

Call Center Crimes:
"If Silence Could Kill" 

Real Rants from the Contact Center:
"What's It Gonna Be — AHT or Empathy?"

Real Rants from the Contact Center:
"I Need a Call Center Genie!"

Call Center Comics:
"The Coaching Randomizer"

Jacada Comic - Feedback Randomizer.png

Call Center Comics:
"Background Bingo"

Jacada comic - Background Bingo.png
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