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Social Media Campaigns:
Make It Solar & NFL Team Sponsorships

Client: Reliant Energy

Year: 2021

Creative Brief: Evolve our agency's approach to Reliant's paid social media program, all to raise the awareness & relevance of the brand, increase site traffic, & track service queries. Identify & make the most of potential areas of opportunity to engage new audiences (or old audiences in a new way) while tracking users down the path to electricity service plan enrollment.

Work: Tapping into the Texas-based Reliant brand voice, the personality of their brand mascot Hugo, NFL fandom for the Dallas Cowboys & Houston Texans, & environmentally & wallet-conscious electricity users, I wrote copy for numerous social media placements & platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook & Pinterest), as well as mini-scripts & storyboard for the short animated videos that appeared within those posts.

Reliant - make-it-solar-hugo_2030x639.png

"Make It Solar"
Social Posts

"Make It Solar" Plan
Explainer Video


NFL Team Sponsorships
Social Posts

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